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I haven't worked abroad before so I hadn't had any international work experience. I felt safe from the beginning as the Hungarian office helped me with communication and administration with the German partner. I think it's great that I could receive an advance on salary after the first week.
László Török,Germany

Peter Kovacs


Tax exemption in the UK

2017-02-08 20:05:41

Ever thought of what is it like to be fully exempt from income taxes on your salary?

Tax exemption exists in the United Kingdom which is also applicable to Hungarians working there. Here is a summary on how and under what conditions.

If you currently work in the UK then your personal income is exempt from tax under GBP11,000 (approx. HUF 3.6million) annual salary. So you don’t have to pay any personal income tax below this annual threshold. This should be regarded as minimum annual salary which is the accumulated gross salary earned through the year. The amount will be increased to GBP 11,500 in 2017/2018 and the government is keen to further leverage – put in force gradually - the limit of tax exemption to GBP 12,500 by the end of the current parliament cycle. This change is significant because it represents a 70% increase compared to 2010/2011. On the other hand, the amount of tax payable shrunk by almost 50% on average. The question then arises, what the government’s aim with this is because the parliament renounces its claim for a great deal of fiscal income.

The aim of the British government is to achieve full employment, to raise the standard of living for those earning less than average, giving them incentive to save, and to implement the proportional contribution regime. The increase in 2017/2018 practically means that employees who work 30 hours a week and earn the gross minimum wage, they will be fully exempt from personal incomes taxes. 1,3 million employees have become fully exempt this way since 2010. This rearrangement also means that, by 2019/2020 50% of common public charges will be paid by the upper 20% of the working society while 50% of common public expenses will be reallocated to the lower 40% of the society.

It should be emphasized that tax exemption in the UK is not in respect of the minimum wage but of a defined annual salary. Thus, your personal income tax is calculated progressively in the UK. Suppose you earn GBP 15,000 in a year, then you pay 0% tax till GBP 11,000 and you need to pay 20% tax ont he leftover GBP 4,000 so your payable income tax is GBP 800.

If you earn the minimum wage in the UK you can still be subject to pay income tax. Why? Because, if your pro-rated weekly wage exceeds the pro-rated weekly wage of the annual tax free limit, personal income tax will be deducted from your wage even though you haven’t reached the tax free limit in the whole year. Though the tax free minimum wage is in itself a rightful provision, living in a high cost country like the United Kingdom - particularly in London – can be challenging.

Accommodation in principle is arranged and financed by the employee not by the employer. Our experiences show there are lots of admitted candidates who have difficulties raising the amount of deposit and rental fees for the first months. Jobgenerator can help you bridge this gap.

With regards to accommodation, as long as you are admitted and your travel arrangement is successful you can be entitled to participate in our New Life Abroad (NLA) program on a case by case basis. In essence, the program provides help to start working abroad.

New Life Abroad Program, information

What exactly is our New Life Abroad Program?

- we finance the candidate’s accommodation and its deposit only, travel arrangement is not including in the program
- the tenor of financing is maximum 4 months, if your balance is negative at the end of the 4th month the leftover amount becomes immediately due
- program fee is £100 / month (for 4 months maximum)
- in the first part of the document (that you receive after enrolling to the program) candidates accept the terms & conditions of the program (the program fee is flat, costs will at all times depend on the given accommodation)
- the second part of the document is the candidate’s consent to obligation

Information on accommodation

Irrespective of whether a candidate uses our NLA program or arranges accommodation by his/her own, our colleagues can help you with selecting and finding the right accommodation. Given that individual needs play a significant role, it is important that you also search for flats/rooms in the English property market.

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